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Pregnancy cravings exist to make sure you get the nutrients you and baby need!

Finally, a Better Solution for Your #1 Craving

Nightfood's team of sleep and nutrition experts developed our delicious and better-for-you ice cream to be sleep-friendly for healthier nighttime snacking.  Here's why it's so much better for pregnant women





Reality Check: Nightfood contains no drugs or sleep aids.  It's simply healthier snacking, especially at night, with better sleep hygiene, like less screen time before bed or keeping your bedroom cool and dark.  Don't expect miracles or think of it as a magic cure for insomnia.

Rich, delicious, healthier ice cream, easier to digest and less heartburn. Much higher in protein, fiber, calcium and magnesium.

Now you can enjoy two pints - our treat!

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These Mamas Love Nightfood, You Will Too!

Real Experts, Real Science, Real Craving Satisfaction

Our pioneering ice cream development lab was guided by a team of leading sleep and nutrition experts.

Dr. Michael Breus

Nationally recognized sleep expert, known to millions as The Sleep Doctor™. Appears regularly in national media such as The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Oprah, The View, Rachael Ray, The Doctors, Woman’s World, and more.

Dr. Lauren Broch

Women’s health expert. MS in Human Nutrition, Sleep Therapist & former Director of Education & Training at the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Michael Grandner

Director of the Sleep and Health Research Program at the U. of Arizona, Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine and the NCAA Sleep and Wellness Task Force, FitBit Sleep Research Panel.

Chef Chris Santos

Anchor judge on Chopped, the highest rated show on The Food Network®, since it first aired in 2009. World-famous restaurateur, with celebrity frequented hotspots in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago & Vegas.

A Nightfood Confession

Nightfood was NOT originally formulated with pregnant women in mind.

It was originally developed by nutrition and sleep experts to satisfy unhealthy nighttime cravings for everybody in a better, healthier, more sleep-friendly way.

After the company noticed posts from pregnant women on social media did they begin to research pregnancy nutrition and the pregnancy market.

What they discovered was that the unique formulation and ingredients that made Nightfood better at night also makes Nightfood the single most appropriate ice cream on the market for moms-to-be and their a mile.

This fact has now been confirmed and endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association.

What the media is saying about Nightfood, and pregnancy nutrition in general

"The American Pregnancy Association is crowning one brand as the best, most nutritious ice cream on the market for expectant women"
February 25, 2020
"Nightfood, the “better-for-you” ice cream company based in New York, just snagged a sweet endorsement as the official ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association..."
February 23, 2020
"Ice cream is a staple when it comes to pregnancy cravings. Few things can stand between a pregnant woman and her craving for ice cream."
"Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby. After all, the food you eat is your baby's main source of nutrition."
"Making the best choices for you and your baby about food safety can feel overwhelming and scary. These simple guidelines can help you feel more confident that what you are eating is safe and healthy."
"…you should pay attention to your pregnancy cravings – indulging the healthy ones and coming up with alternatives for less healthy cravings"
"Eating well is one of the best ways to give your baby a head start in life — and it can make your pregnancy go more smoothly, too."
"A healthy pregnancy diet will promote your baby's growth and development. Understand which nutrients you need most and where to find them."

These Mamas Love Nightfood, You Will Too!

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Now you can enjoy two pints - our treat!

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